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Breath Analysis

Breath analysis is an upcoming topic in clinical diagnostics and for on site medical testing


Research has shown that exhaled breath contains a variety of different Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that do not only originate from the lungs, but moreover reflect metabolic processes of the overall body.  These VOCs have been proven to provide information about diseases like metabolic disorders or infections.

The SICRIT Breath Analysis System based on High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HR-MS) delivers leading edge performance

Provides a fingerprint of all VOCs in exhaled breath

Allows identification of specific biomarkers of different diseases

Does neither require sample preparation nor sample collection

Delivers real-time results based on unambiguous sensitivity and selectivity

Enables on spot diagnostics and recommendations based on automated data interpretation

Breath Analysis.png

Although, HR-MS has proven as one of the most powerful methods in breath analysis and science recognized its potential to detect COVID-19, it has not yet been considered as a non-invasive, real-time testing method for COVID-19.



Could breath analysis by MS be a solution to rapid, non-invasive testing for COVID-19?


Exhaled breath condensate as a potential specimen for diagnosing COVID-19


We strive to provide a non-invasive, real-time testing system for COVID 19 - Help us being a gamechanger in the current pandemic!

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