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Electronic Nose Sensor Enables Real-Time Measurement of Volatile Substances and Emissions



Is capable to detect and measure almost all volatile organic compounds within less than one second


Robust Operation

Enables robust 24/7 operation without consumables and expensive wear parts


No Trained Personnel

Sensor can be operated and results can be interpreted without detailed knowledge or expertise


Data-Driven Decision

It derives decision solely based on data analytics without being dependent or prone to subjective judgement



It delivers reproducible results in comparable application scenarios independent of the operating environment



The sensor enables automation of production and quality assurance workflows


Industry 4.0

It is capable to be operated in an industry 4.0 environment with flexible data storage and processing

Many industrial markets have severe need for sensitive but easy to use trace analytic methods. Up to now, in-line process control by mass spectrometry was difficult due to high instrumental and human effort in sample preparation. Thus, no real-time measurement of volatile substances and emissions was available.

SICRIT now can transform each mass spectrometer into an electronic nose sensor that enables real-time process measurement with several advantages across different industrial use cases:

# Advantages

Use Cases

# Use Cases

Food Safety / Fraud

With the demand for faster and cheaper production, the increasing use of fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, and antibiotics is starting to affect consumers' health. Therefore, there is a clear need for "clean" food. SICRIT can detect e.g. pesticides at lowest concentrations enabling manufacturers to screen their products before selling them and certify that they are e.g. free of contaminations.

Emission Monitoring

The anthropogenic entry of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) into earth's atmosphere causes many diseases and allergies to humans. The sensitive SICRIT ionization technique allows for identification and online-quantification of a broad variety of VOCs and is therefore dedicated to monitor indoor air pollution as well as exhaust emissions, e.g. in automotive test bench measurements or of production plants.   

Security & Forensics

Counterterrorism technology is increasingly important, especially in areas with a huge density of people, like at airports or train stations. Our technology enables the contactless real time detection of explosives, narcotics, and chemical warfare agents, on luggage or persons just walking by.   

Aroma Sensing

Coffee is known to contain more than 300 different aromas, making it hard for the human nose to differentiate. SICRIT, however, can detect, identify, and quantify these compounds in just a single coffee bean in mere seconds! Giving e.g. coffee roasters all information they need to produce individually tailored coffees.


Quality control is one of the most important fields in industrial production in e.g. pharmaceutics. Here, SICRIT can replace lengthy screening or random sampling procedures by contactless online measurements and therefore enables to save cost and increase the quality by controlling every single product (e.g. pill).

Fragrances & Cosmetics

In the cosmetics and perfume industry, fragrances and their combinations are as important as the avoidance of undesirable substances. The selectivity and sensitivity of SICRIT not only helps to ensure the ideal mixing ratio of the individual fragrance components but is also capable of detecting the smallest traces of undesirable substances.

Medical & Breath

Non-invasive diagnosis based on e.g. breath analysis is an upcoming topic in medicine. By identifying specific biomarkers in the exhaled air, screenings for e.g. lung cancer, metabolic disease or infections may be realized. The superior sensitivity of SICRIT, the possibility to ionize very nonpolar compounds and the possible combination with portable MS systems makes it the ideal technology in this area.

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