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Plug & Play Ionization Source Simplifies Traditional Chemical Analyses

# Advantages


Increased Sensitivity

The ionization within a closed chamber in extension of the inlet capillary prevents particle repulsion before the inlet and enables higher sensitivities


Flexible Coupling

It is the only technique that provides a seamless coupling with all chromatography methods like GC or LC


No Sample Preparation

The ambient character of the ionization source allows to analyze solid, liquid, or gaseous samples in room air without sample preparation (direct screening)


No Fragmentation

The dielectric barrier discharge based on a cold plasma enables a soft ionization of analytes and thus avoids fragmentation


Enhanced Range of Analytes

Three simultaneous ionization mechanisms expand the range of detectable analytes, covering polar and non-polar components


# Applications

MS Direct Screening

Enables direct screening of substances in room air without any kind of sample preparation down to ppt sensitivities

GC / MS Coupling

Enables direct SICRIT-MS connection from a GC or Microbalance via a heated transfer line and thus combines the SICRIT ionization technology with state-of-the-art sample separation and/or enrichment techniques

SPME / MS Measurements

Enables SPME-SICRIT-MS measurements with either Supelco manual injection fiber assemblies or automated SPME injections featuring the PAL automatization system

Laser Ablation Imaging

Enables coupling of laser ablation with SICRIT-MS e.g. for post ionization AP-MALDI imaging of pain medication in painkiller tablets

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