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Press Release

Press Release

- Augsburg, January 2023 -

SICRIT ion source compatible with Agilent LC/MS systems

Plasmion and Agilent Technologies announce their collaboration in marketing and promotional activities beginning January 2023. For both partners, this agreement means an even closer cooperation. Agilent Ultivo LC/TQ and LC/MSD iQ are compatible with the SICRIT ion source and will be jointly marketed and presented for non-traditional applications, such as the detection of volatile analytes without a chromatograph. The partnership strengthens both sides in advancing the applicability and recognition of mass spectrometry.

“I am glad to see that our technology and products are recognized by such a strong partner like Agilent. The combination of the SICRIT ionization technology with Agilent mass spectrometers enables customers from lab and research to boost their efficiency, flexibility, and overall performance,” said Dr. Thomas Wolf, CEO of Plasmion. “Bringing mass spectrometry solutions to customers from other industrial and medical research fields, together we will take mass spectrometry to the next level and push beyond the borders of its traditional application environment.”

“Direct mass spectrometry, achieved by coupling the Plasmion SICRIT direct ionization source with our compact, robust and reliable mass spectrometers, enables highly sensitive point-of-origin detection in applied chemical analyses,” said Jennifer Gushue, Associate Vice President of Marketing of Agilent’s Mass Spectrometry Division.  “This collaboration enables exploration of new and exciting opportunities for direct mass spectrometry using the unique Plasmion SICRIT ionization technology with our compact and powerful Ultivo LC/TQ and LC/MSD iQ mass spectrometers.”

Plasmions SICRIT Ion source.jpg
Ultivo triple quadrupole LC/MS system in combination with Plasmion`s Interface and Ion Source

Figure 1: Plasmion’s SICRIT Ion Source

Figure 2: Ultivo triple quadrupole LC/MS system in combination with Plasmion`s Interface and Ion Source

Plasmion’s innovative and unique ionization technology SICRIT® enables users to simplify chemical analysis and has the potential to make mass spectrometry more accessible. SICRIT can interface with the Ultivo LC/TQ or the MSD/iQ using a standard mounting bracket that interfaces with the atmospheric pressure inlet of this instrument. It enables users to do direct mass spectrometry in a quantitative manner, which can significantly speed up analysis processes. Likewise, if samples require to do so, it enables users to couple any kind of chromatography (GC, LC, SFC, etc.) to the mass spectrometer, providing the customer with ultimate flexibility. At the same time, this unique flow through ionization technology features analysis with higher sensitivity, detect a broad spectrum of analytes, and with little to no fragmentation.Technical partnership with Agilent invites new opportunity for advanced chemical detection when SICRIT is coupled to Agilent’s transformative mass spectrometers such as the Ultivo LC/TQ or the LC/MSD iQ. These innovative instruments provide compact size and portability without sacrificing the system’s performance or reliability.

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