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We have extensive experience with ionization and mass spectrometry technologies, as well as a variety of analytical applications, even in combination with other separation and enrichment techniques like chromatography. Based on this experience we are able to offer tailored consultancy services.


Mass Spectrometry buying advisory

Since we are a MS vendor agnostic manufacturer of ionization sources, we are quite familiar which almost every kind of MS of the main MS vendors. Thus, we have extensive knowlege about advantages and disadvantages of specific MS systems for particular applications. This knowledge can help you avoid making the wrong decisions in the opaque labyrinth of available MS systems.


Analytical problem solving advisory

The SICRIT ionization technology can be coupled with different kind of detectors like MS or IMS for different kinds of applications. This application-driven coupling flexibility of SICRIT requires extensive knowledge about methods and technologies available on the market and enables us to provide a holistic advisory on technological and methodological solutions to overcome vairous analytical challenges. 

Please get in touch if you are interested or if you want to get more information!

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