Dr. Jan-Christoph Wolf

Managing Director

Jan holds a master's degree in chemistry from the Technical University of Munich. He specialized in organic and analytical chemistry and took a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) at the Department of Analytical Chemistry headed by Professor Reinhard Niessner. During this time he gained extensive knowledge in aerosol chemistry, instrument / method development, and the area of ​​classical analysis, particularly in mass spectrometry. Besides, he independently conducted commissioned analyses for various industrial partners. After graduation, Jan conducted a postdoctoral research at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) with Professor Renato Zenobi and became a leading expert in the field of new ionization methods for mass spectrometry, so-called "ambient" ionization. ​


Dr. Thomas Wolf

Managing Director

Thomas holds a diploma in business administration from the University of Augsburg. He specialized in finance and information management and took a doctoral degree (Ph.D) at the Department of Information Systems and Sustainable IT Management headed by Professor Gilbert Fridgen at the University of Bayreuth. During this time he worked for the Fraunhofer FIT conducting several projects with different business partners like Metafinanz or Deutsche Bank. After graduation he worked several years for McKinsey & Company leading engagements in various industries like advanced industries, automotive & assembly, or global energy and materials.​


Dr. Klaus Wutz

Project/Sales Manager


Sandor Pscheidt

Software Developer


Markus Weber

Research Assistant

Alina Jessl

Alina Jessl

Project & Marketing Manager


Dr. Jan Bucek

Marketing/Sales Manager


Noah Schnurrenberger

Business Development Assistant


Tabea Leonie Kottek

Marketing Assistant